Supplements and Guidance

As a Standard Process independent distributor, Cindy is able to suggest the correct protocol of organic whole food supplements to assist in the development of good nutritional habits. Increasing the nourishment of our bodies provides benefits such as better digestion and the ability to achieve greater relaxation. Products may be purchased through Cindy in the office.

nutrition and client guidance with Cindy

Whole Food Products and Supplements

Standard Process (

Mission Statement: Standard Process is committed to improving the quality of life by providing safe, effective, high-quality dietary supplements through health care professionals.

The passion Standard Process has for nutrition began in 1929 with their founder, Dr. Royal Lee. Since the development of their first multivitamin, Catalyn, their goal has been to provide nutrients for the body as they are found in nature – in a whole food state where their natural potency and efficacy can be realized.

Whole food supplements supply our bodies with nutrients we are not getting from our diet – all the vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, and phytonutrients that foods possess. A small amount of a vitamin in whole food form is far more effective in the human body than a large dose of an isolated vitamin that is just a fraction of the whole.

All Standard Process supplements use whole foods that are grown on their certified organic farm in Palmyra, Wisconsin.

Standard Process takes measures to ensure product quality every day. They follow strict guidelines to grow the great majority of their ingredients on their own certified organic farm and perform repeated testing through the manufacturing process to ensure the quality and safety of their supplements.

Nutrition is a priority that begins at their farm and continues to their families. They promote a healthy lifestyle through their unique wellness program which features on-site chiropractic care, nutrition education, a generous supplement allowance, fitness center and a wide range of fitness activities. You can find out more about the initiatives they take with their unique wellness program by visiting their website.

What is a Whole Food Supplement?

A Whole Food Supplement is a complex formula that includes plant and animal extracts, desiccates, or other ingredients as required to create the best dietary supplement for each health indication.

Whole Food Ingredients

Whole food supplements include foods prepared to safeguards their nutritional value. Some of these ingredients grown on their certified organic farm, include beets, alfalfa, barley grass, brussels sprouts, buckwheat, kale, kidney beans, oats, and Spanish black radish. They have high-control the quality the ingredients from seedling to supplement.